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One-Stop Source for Dental Services

At Upper Gage Dental Centre, we pride ourselves on offering most dental services within our office, lessening the need to refer our patients elsewhere. Have all your dental needs addressed in one place by one of our experienced doctors.

A comprehensive dental exam and cleaning provide us with an in-depth understanding of your oral health. Once we have made our assessment, we can guide you on the next steps to achieve your smile goals. These next steps might include corrective dentistry, such as root canals, restorative care, and dental implants. We also perform cosmetic dentistry, such as veneers and teeth whitening, so you can feel confident in your smile and restore comfort to your bite.

We Welcome New Patients in Hamilton

At Upper Gage Dental, our primary goal is to provide you and your family with high-quality cosmetic and general dentistry in a comfortable environment.

As a new patient of ours, you’ll start by providing us with your health history and any major dental services you’ve had. Then, we’ll perform a comprehensive dental exam, including: 

  • Taking any necessary dental X-rays
  • Checking your gums for gum disease
  • Checking your teeth for cavities
  • Completing an oral cancer screening

To wrap up your appointment, we’ll provide some oral hygiene tips and a customized treatment plan for you and your family.

Dental Exams & Cleanings For All Ages

Regular dental checkups keep you on track for excellent oral health. At Upper Gage Dental Centre, we offer family and pediatric dentistry services in our modern, welcoming office. No matter what you come in for, we aim to provide a comfortable experience for you and your family.

Pediatric Dentistry

It’s critical that children (and their parents) learn to care for their teeth, even before permanent teeth emerge. Our dental professionals make it fun for kids to visit the dentist, empowering them to develop good habits that last a lifetime.

Teens need regular checkups to ensure continued oral health as they move into adulthood. Problems with tooth alignment often emerge during teenage years, requiring specialized attention from our orthodontic experts.

Our full range of dental services addresses all of the issues affecting teenagers and their teeth, including Invisalign as an alternative to braces.

The condition of teeth can change as we age. Adults need regular dental care to ensure their oral health. Seniors need specialized dental services that focus on the effects of aging on the gums and teeth.

We offer exceptional care for adults and seniors, from general cleanings to periodontics and, if needed, denture care.

Experience the Upper Gage Dental Difference

We strive to empower our patients about oral health—from proper dental hygiene to why it’s essential to visit us every 6 months. With us, you can undergo all your dental procedures in one place, so book your appointment today and let us lead you to optimal dental health.

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